WASHLAC Group Governance


The Strategic Advisory Group and the Secretariat of the WASH LAC Group 

The Strategic Advisory Group of the WASH-LAC Group will function under similar guidelines to the Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) of the “Global WASH Cluster”

The Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) will be composed by all the stakeholders mentioned (as long as they have an agenda related to risk reduction, preparedness and response to emergencies and disasters) represented by one or several institutions with a multi-country scope in LAC that represent the other actors of the group of interest they belong to. In certain cases (identified below), two entities will represent the same group of interest to ensure an equitable representation of both the Caribbean and Latin America diversity in the SAG. If there is more than one actor representing a group of interest, they must agree between them in the event of a vote since there will be only one vote for each group of interest in order to be equitable among all groups of interest. The person representing a group of interest must have decision-making power in his/her institution and in the group of interest he/she represents. The groups of interest and the institutions that represent them and therefore compose the SAG are listed next.

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WASHLAC Governance & Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) Chart