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Katherine BlackmanUNICEF



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Anisha CephasMinistry of Public Utilities



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Isaiah  Henry



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FV_July 2022_T&T ToR WaSH platform

Terms of Reference of Trinidad and Tobago WASH Coordination Platform

Have been adopted to guide the operations of the National WASH in emergency Sector Coordination Platform in providing effective and efficient service to the Government and people of Countries before (preparedness and building resilience), during (emergency response) and after disasters (build back better and emergency-development continuum). The ToR are intended to be a dynamic tool to inform the operations of the Sector, with regular updates to ensure ongoing relevance. 

TT WASH Committee Workplan 2023.xlsx

Trinidad and Tobago WASH Coordiantion platform Work Plan 2024

 A coordination work plan must be established and regularly updated by the WCC. The work plan must integrate all the inputs from the WASH coordination platform . In the case of a first phase emergency, or the creation of a new coordination platform, work plan can be based on the list of GWC Minimum Requirements. When situation becomes more stable, a more exhaustive work plan can be developped based on the exhaustive list of 2019 GWC coordination tasks list.xlsx. Template and example of work plans are proposed on top of this page. 

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WASH Country Coordination Workshop

Alternate Emergency Operations Centre, Pineapple Drive, Mausica, Trinidad 

 4-6 June 2024

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