Capacity Survey 


The WASHLAC regional group seeks to generate the first mapping of knowledge/capacities in different specific areas for the WASH sector; for all actors, including humanitarian, government, academic personnel and other interest groups contributing to the WASH sector. This specific product is part of our WASHLAC 2022-2023 annual work plan. And with this,  we will be able to prioritize the training that we can offer in the future.

The capacity survey has questions grouped by specific topics of interest to the sector, these questions are applicable to anyone. Among the topics we find, for example: a.) Enabling environment of the WASH sector, b.) Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, c.) Climate resilience in WASH, d.) Urban WASH e.) WASH in institutions, f.) WASH in emergencies, h.) Sector Coordination, i.) Information management for WASH, etc.